Plan your good-deeds

Like you, helping the ones in need is a way of being grateful towards life for us. Hence, we offer charity planning, where you can donate a fixed amount regularly without disturbing your daily expenses. On top of this, earn tax-benefits and have more money to share for the right causes.

Your donations, your choice

While planning your charity, we suggest a regular feasible amount you must donate as per your finances. Then, whatever cause is close to your heart, choose that and donate. Enjoy your life while contributing to your society and community.

‘As they say, charity begins at home. For us, educating the little geniuses is dear. We believe it helps them create a successful future for themselves. It strengthens a person and also society forever. ’

Our chosen causes for donation

Over the years, we’ve carefully chosen causes and organisations that utilise donations in the benefit of society. If you wish, you may choose one of these for your charity.

Your good deed circle
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