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Your hard-earned assets form a huge part of your life. Hence, they also need protection against the financial impact of risks, big and small. General Insurance takes care of you and your valuables. We’re here to guide you in opting for the right policy. Apart from this, we’ll take care of all the required formalities for purchase and claims. Simply put, with us, everything about insurance is just a call away.

General Insurance products for you
Health Insurance

  • What is Money Back Policy?

    A life insurance product as well as an investment plan, it provides life insurance cover against death of the policy holder along with periodic returns as a percentage of sum assured.
  • Why should you choose Money Back Policy?

    This policy guarantees periodic returns to the policyholder where bonuses are added.
  • Who is it ideal for?

    Those who wish to avoid high risk investment and need funds/liquidity at regular intervals.
  • When should you buy Money Back Policy?

    Anyone above 18 years with a stable income.

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Motor Insurance

  • What is Motor Insurance?

    Motor Insurance protects your motor vehicles like motorcycles, cars, jeeps, commercial vehicles and more.
  • Why should you choose Motor Insurance?

    Unlike other insurance policies, motor insurance policy is mandatory.
  • Who is it ideal for?

    Anyone who owns a vehicle needs this insurance for the safety of themselves and others.
  • When should you buy motor insurance?

    As soon as you purchase your Vehicle.

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Travel Insurance

  • What is Travel Insurance?

    Travel insurance covers the costs and losses associated with travelling.
  • Why should you choose travel insurance?

    To ensure peaceful trips against any medical emergency or loss of belonging.
  • Who is it ideal for?

    Everyone who travels.
  • When should you buy travel insurance?

    Before you depart. Many countries ask for travel insurance well in advance at the time of visa.

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Home Insurance

  • What is Home Insurance?

    Property insurance that covers losses and damages to your residence, along with furnishings, electronic items, jewellery and other assets in the home.
  • Why should you choose Home Insurance?

    To protect your home against accidents within the home or on the property, or against natural and man-made calamities.
  • Who is it ideal for?

    Those who wish to protect their home and family’s comforts.
  • When should you buy home insurance?

    As soon as you purchase your home.

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Cyber Safe Insurance

  • What is Cyber Safe Insurance?

    An Insurance policy that provides optimum protection against digital threats like identity fraud, phishing or cyber extortion and more.
  • Why should you choose Cyber Safe Insurance?

    To ensure you’re protected against undetectable cyber crimes.
  • Who is it ideal for?

    Any individual above 18 years and uses digital platforms like Mobile, Internet Banking, Social Media and ECommerce or spends a significant amount browsing the internet.
  • When should you buy Cyber Safe Insurance?

    The moment you are connected with the digital world and internet banking.

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Get your claims settled quickly and effortlessly. Our seamless claim process ends all your hassles of claim settlement.

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