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Your investment management, our responsibility

A big part of your financial planning is to manage your investments. This includes periodic checks, timely shuffling of investments, evaluating portfolio and more. All these steps help you make the most of your portfolio. Our personal portfolio management service takes care of all this and more for you. Everything pertaining to your investments is for us to manage. All you do is, make the most of your life.

Comprehensive financial management for you
Portfolio Management Service
PMS is a professional service where qualified and
experienced portfolio managers manage an
investment portfolio on behalf of clients.
  • Get personalised investment solutions
  • Offers hassle-free operation and paperwork.
  • Constant monitoring of portfolio
  • Periodic changes to optimise the results
  • Transparency through timely communications
  • Excellent investment for building emergency funds
  • No volatility, safe foundation for new investors
  • Ideal platform for balanced financial growth
  • Guaranteed returns on the deposited sum for the fixed tenure
Fixed Deposits
These are the simplest form of investments for you.
FDs offer greater returns on the principal invested
icompared to a regular savings account.
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