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When it comes to protecting family, no one takes a chance. Especially not us. With life insurance, you protect yourself and your family financially. To guide you with the right insurance policy, we sketch out all the probable scenarios that you must consider. Even the ones you may not have imagined. This process helps you choose insurance that will benefit you.

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  • What is Term Life Insurance Plan?

    An insurance plan that offers comprehensive security to the policyholder for a limited time period. This plan covers uncertainties that we face like Death, Disability and Disease.

  • Why should you choose Term Life Insurance Plan?

    To safeguard family financially from uncertainties like Death, Disability or Disease. Or young families that have high coverage and limited budgets.

  • Who is it ideal for?

    A sole earner in the family who also needs options to increase the life cover at key stages in life.

  • When should you buy Term Life Insurance Plan?

    When you’re planning to get married, or have children and parents to look after.

Term Life Insurance

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  • What is Whole Life Insurance Plan?

    This policy provides tax-free corpus to your family or nominees for up to 100 years. You pay regular premiums until death or a limited period of time. Then, the corpus is paid out to the family.

  • Why should you choose Whole Life Insurance Plan?

    You get insurance benefits as well as a saving component on which you can build cash or investment.

  • Who is it ideal for?

    Those who wish to protect the family for a longer time and get a tax-free amount returned for them when needed.

  • When should you buy Whole Life Insurance Plan?

    If you are earning and above 18 years, you may choose to invest in this plan.

Whole Life Insurance

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  • What is an Endowment Insurance Plan?

    Endowment plans pay out the sum assured to you under both scenarios - death and survival. It provides coverage and saving over a specific time period.

  • Why should you choose an Endowment Insurance Plan?

    If you survive the policy term, you can get a lump sum amount on the policy maturity.

  • Who is it ideal for?

    Those who wish to protect the family and also fulfil an investment objective.

  • When should you buy an Endowment Insurance Plan?

    When you have a steady flow of income to pay the premiums regularly.

Endowment Insurance

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  • What is Unit Linked Insurance Plans?

    ULIPs utilise a portion of the premium paid to provide insurance coverage and the remaining portion is invested in equity and debt instruments. It also gives you an option to switch funds for investment.

  • Why should you choose ULIP?

    The invested funds also continue to earn market linked returns, thereby, increasing your wealth portfolio.

  • Who is it ideal for?

    It is ideal for you to ensure family security while also choosing or updating your proportionate invested amount.

  • When should you buy ULIP?

    After 18, the earlier the better.

Unit Linked Insurance plans

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  • What is Money Back Policy?

    A life insurance product as well as an investment plan, it provides life insurance cover against death of the policy holder along with periodic returns as a percentage of sum assured.

  • Why should you choose Money Back Policy?

    This policy guarantees periodic returns to the policyholder where bonuses are added.

  • Who is it ideal for?

    Those who wish to avoid high risk investment and need funds/liquidity at regular intervals.

  • When should you buy Money Back Policy?

    Anyone above 18 years with a stable income.

Money Back Policy
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